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Content Eye-catching. Attention-grabbing. Put your brand front and centre with award-winning agency-standard copy from Ross Lowe Discover Results Content that consistently scores highly with customers
and search engines
Character From the effervescent to the deadly serious.
Compelling content that gets to the heart of what your brand stands for
United Crystal-clear conversation starters that work across borders to take your brand to the world Discover Strategy Slogans. Email campaigns.
Targeted content. Brand-
centric copy that works as
part of a bigger picture
Power The right stories told the right way. Word for word Discover
Let's talk content

Tell me who you are, what you do, and where you want to be. I'll listen. There will be coffee. And, if you're good, biscuits.

Let's make a plan

A strategy. Tone of voice. SEO. Short-form. Long-form. We'll work out what to say. When and where. You can get excited, if you like.

Let's create

It's time to pick up the pen and make the magic happen. From the first draft to the last, all focus is on your brand message.

Let's go

The precision. The final polish. With your approval, the content goes live and your voice goes out to the world. Nice.

Ross Lowe – The English Copywriter

Market yourself to a global audience with English language content

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This is how I do it

Copy and content services for businesses of all sizes

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This is how I did it

Check out the Ross Lowe copywriting portfolio

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Professional freelance copy

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Ross again and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for reliable and professional freelance copy

Andrew Boulton - True Story, Nottingham UK

Outstanding SEO performance

Ross is an expert at turning complex information into stories, that also show an outstanding SEO performance

Tatjana Carl - Agentur Gerhard, Berlin DE

Big impact

Ross wrote, proofread and edited blogs, articles as well as on-page copy and campaign content. He made a big impact

Louise Quenzer - Greenlight Digital, London UK

Four reasons to hire a copywriter


A trained, experienced and professional copywriter is going to make your content stand out, and draw an audience


Getting your content absolutely right takes time: time you’re unlikely to have when doing the 101 other things it takes to run a business


From creating a winning tone of voice to continually generating fresh, organic content that drives visitors your way; a copywriter has so much to offer


A copywriter can make anything sound interesting. Gravel. Toxic waste disposal. Even accountancy, for crying out loud. Put me to the test


Help & advice to improve your own content

Maybe you don’t want to hire a copywriter just yet, but want to try your hand at improving the content you already have. Maybe you want to become a copywriter yourself. No problem. Step this way, and I’ll help you out…

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Ross Lowe – The English Copywriter

Check out some of my work

Ross Lowe – The English Copywriter

Testimonials from some of Europe’s most influential creative and digital agencies

Andrew Boulton
Senior Copywriting Lecturer, Lincoln University UK

“Ross impressed us at True Story with his hard work, positive approach and especially with how quickly he understood and adapted to the way we work.”

Tatjana Carl
Senior Digital Strategist, Agentur Gerhard, Berlin DE

“Ross is an expert at turning complex information into inspiring stories with added value for the audience, while also showing an outstanding performance with varied SEO criteria.”

Jon Gordon
Director, The Media Group, Nottingham UK

“We love working with Ross. He's always responsive and full of great ideas. Really good understanding of tone of voice and client objectives. He always delivers when we need him to.”

Louise Quenzer
Head of Content & Digital PR at Greenlight Digital, London UK

“Ross impressed with hard work, enthusiasm and positivity and was keen to suggest additional ideas, often going the extra mile to make an impact on campaigns and projects.”

Blog: Meet Roya Sayadi

Meet the woman who’s setting the pace for copyright law in Barcelona

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Blog: Emotive Storytelling

An examination of one of 2020’s most powerful TV ads

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Blog: Ensure Your Copy Makes the Cut

If you intend to have a stab at copywriting, get it right first time

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    Ross Lowe – The English Copywriter

    Content and copy for businesses, brands and creative agencies across the UK and throughout the world.

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